To accompany his new book Homage to Humanity, Jimmy Nelson and his team launched the Jimmy Nelson Companion App. With this app, developed by Fonk, you will be able to scan every image within the book. Scanning the image will enable you to step into the world behind the image. Jimmy himself combined with beautiful video material will guide you through breathtaking behind the scenes footage, but above all uncovers the beauty of day-to-day life from all over the world. Scanning more images will reward you with access to the virtual gallery where you can watch 360 film and even a connection tool to have the true all immersive experience.

Since 2010 Jimmy is traveling the world to photograph indigenous cultures and communities in all the far corners of the world. The people portrayed in Homage to Humanity show us in many diverse ways what it truly means to be human. Their cultures and traditions often reach centuries, even millennia into the past. Driven by his unique symbiosis of passion, creativity and individual determination Jimmy holds a mirror to us humans, as we find living in a vulnerable junction of time. A time where rapid development, material affluence and new technologies distract us from some of the most profound and timeless truths about human nature.

Each image in the book, but also within exhibitions, media and internet has hidden, digital layers*. Go even deeper into Jimmy Nelson’s photographs with astonishing material that will show you, that despite the differences in the way we look, talk and live, we all crave the same thing: a sense of belonging and a sense of being loved.


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Developer: Jimmy Nelson
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Version: 2.0.2
Genre: Entertainment